Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just waiting

As some of you may know our daughter has had some health issues. She has qualified for Medicaid and in turn WIC. Every once in a while we have to go to the WIC office so they can check her weight and talk with us. 

We were given an appointment time of 5:30. I showed up 5 minutes early to fill out some paper work. As I am writing this post it is 6:00. I understand that things can run late, but the frustrating part is seeing employees leave the office with people waiting for their already late appointment. 

No one here has told me they are running behind schedule. My kids are currently running around their office and I am letting them. They were pushing the chairs around the room but got board quickly. I'm usually pretty strick with behavior in public, but I am so disappointed in the staff here that I'm letting them be "crazy".

It's okay that they are running late since my time is not worth anything. At least in their minds. I could be home now working on my children's therapy homework, making dinner or cleaning the house, but instead I need to waist time sitting around. 

 I'm sure once our appointment is "over", we will have to sit around when it's done in order for them to fill out paper work. I am blessed with having the WIC program to help supply Viola with proper food. I just wish the process would be a little more on time. 

As mentioned we just meet with the nurse and now have to wait some more. As we were heading back to the waiting room she mentions that the staff starts to leave around 5. I was pretty sadden to hear that since we have been waiting past our scheduled time. It would have only taken 5 minutes for one if those 4 staff members that left to check Viola out.  Soon we will be able to leave, go home (maybe before dinner), take baths and off to bed. Oh by the way it is now close to 6:30. 

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