Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's Dance: Party Rock Anthem

So I have been posting various dance/aerobic videos on my channel.  This is the latest one that I really enjoyed doing.  These videos are great for a quick workout, classroom brain break or to follow along in a fitness room for students.  Enjoy and feel free to share!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well today was a lot of fun going back to work.  Week number 2 is under way.  This week we are sharing with the students about wearing pedometers during PE.  They are very excited to start using them.  We took a chunk of our budget this year and purchased some FitStep Pro from GOPHER Sport.  I love the fact that the FitSteps measure MVPA and can download to their computer program.  Any information I can send home to parents is always good to have.

Since we only were able to order 15 of them, the other students will wear our older ones.  We are going to have them log their steps after each use, so they can see all what they have done each 9 weeks.  The students are going to be informed all week on proper care and use of the pedometers.  They will also be encouraged to obtain 2,000 or more steps during class.

Well it's getting late and that morning will come soon.  Until next time...keep on moving!

Coach Pirillo

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pedometer Bingo

To my Twitter friends here is the Pedometer Bingo activity I mentioned.  I'm not sure of all the rules to this activity.  It was seen by a friend at TAHPERD created by Bonnie Hopper.

  • Create bingo cards for you students similar to the picture below.
  • Each student will need a card and pencil.
  • Students answer the questions before you play
  • Each student will need a pedometer

  • Start the music and have the students perform a locomotor skill.
  • After a few minutes, stop the students and have them open up the pedometer.
  • Select a number (like 6) if the students have that number on their pedometer, they may cross it off on their bingo card.
  • Students may have the same number for different questions, however they only cross one off.
  • Pick a new locomotor pattern and start again.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to Coach Pirillo's Corner!  The school year is off to a wonderful start.  Every year I like to start my classes off with our movement and tag games.  Second through fifth grades participate for 2 weeks while kindergarten through first participate for 3 weeks.  I like starting off the year with this unit so it gets the kids used to moving around in the gym while watching for personal space.  We use a various amounts of activities to help with keeping the unit fresh for the students.  Keep and eye out for more posts to come which will have some of the games we like to play!

Keep On Moving