Monday, September 2, 2013

Pedometer Bingo

To my Twitter friends here is the Pedometer Bingo activity I mentioned.  I'm not sure of all the rules to this activity.  It was seen by a friend at TAHPERD created by Bonnie Hopper.

  • Create bingo cards for you students similar to the picture below.
  • Each student will need a card and pencil.
  • Students answer the questions before you play
  • Each student will need a pedometer

  • Start the music and have the students perform a locomotor skill.
  • After a few minutes, stop the students and have them open up the pedometer.
  • Select a number (like 6) if the students have that number on their pedometer, they may cross it off on their bingo card.
  • Students may have the same number for different questions, however they only cross one off.
  • Pick a new locomotor pattern and start again.

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