Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well today was a lot of fun going back to work.  Week number 2 is under way.  This week we are sharing with the students about wearing pedometers during PE.  They are very excited to start using them.  We took a chunk of our budget this year and purchased some FitStep Pro from GOPHER Sport.  I love the fact that the FitSteps measure MVPA and can download to their computer program.  Any information I can send home to parents is always good to have.

Since we only were able to order 15 of them, the other students will wear our older ones.  We are going to have them log their steps after each use, so they can see all what they have done each 9 weeks.  The students are going to be informed all week on proper care and use of the pedometers.  They will also be encouraged to obtain 2,000 or more steps during class.

Well it's getting late and that morning will come soon.  Until next time...keep on moving!

Coach Pirillo

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